Financial Planning

Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) Membership:

RGM Financial Advisers are all required to be members of the FPA. By choosing RGM, you will be working with a professional adviser who puts your interests first. RGM Financial Advisers are committed to a code of ethics and professional conduct, so you can rest assured that they’ll do the right thing by you.

Financial planning advice that meets your lifestyle goals:

We are committed to providing our clients with quality financial planning advice, risk and wealth management solutions that will assist you in reaching your financial and lifestyle goals.

Why a financial plan is important?

All of us want to build wealth to create a better lifestyle for our families and ourselves. A good financial plan provides a framework that can assist you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. In addition, your plan can assist you:

√ Maximise the returns from your investments, making your money work harder for you,

√ Identify your financial and personal priorities,

√ Choose the right financial products to meet your objectives, and

√ Protect you and your family from unexpected financial events such as illness or redundancy.

Financial planning advice we can help you with:

Under our Licence our qualified advisers can assist you with advice on an extensive range of financial matters, including but not limited to:

√ Buying & selling shares,

√ Consolidation of your Superannuation funds,

√ Investment in managed funds,

√ Personal insurance such as Income Protection or Life insurance,

√ Redundancy & roll-over advice,

√ Retirement planning,

√ Taxation & Centrelink entitlements, and

√ Wealth creation strategies

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